Jim Fulton wrote:
I thought that *never* in the 3.4 line of eggs should they *suddenly* start relying on 3.5 eggs. That's nothing to do with the notion of a 3.4 release, but with the notion that during the stabilization phase, or with minor bugfix releases, you don't suddenly start relying on a new feature release of something else (or in this case, an entirely new release).

I think I agree with the spirit of the above, but not the specifics. You restate the specifics below in a way I whole-heartedly agree with. There isn't a 3.4 "line" of eggs. There could be a set of projects versions associated with a "3.4 release of Zope3", but the individual version number could be almost anything.

Yes, you're right, I agree. What I said above is correct but only for this current set of releases due to the history of starting out with the version number 3.4 for the first release of almost all of them. It will not remain that way.

Anyway, I think the rule should be:

"When you do a final or bugfix release of a package, you can't start requiring a new feature release of another package."


Translated to version numbers:

"If X.Y.x has been relying on A.B.x, X.Y.x + 1 cannot start relying on A.B + n, only on new A.B.x + n releases, where x is one of (b0, b1, 1, 2, 3, ...) and n is one of (1, 2, 3 ...)"


Philipp, is this something that would be worthwhile to adopt in your document?



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