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Brian Sutherland wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 08, 2007 at 06:49:02PM -0400, Stephan Richter wrote:
>> On Monday 08 October 2007 15:09, Tres Seaver wrote:
>>> Presuming agreement on the "known good set" (KGS) term, I would think
>>> that we have two candidates for what makes up "platform releases"
>>> Frozen Releases
>>> ----------------
>> I started commenting this section until I saw the one below. I personally do 
>> not see much benefit from the frozen release. That said, it would be trivial 
>> to create one from the updateable version below. I have already scripts for 
>> this, which are checked in as part of Jim's PyPI mirror tool.
> A frozen release is very useful for some people (as long as it also gets
> security updates).

That would be like being "a little bit pregnant."  What you describe is
an "updatable release" with a particular policy for how the updates are
accepted into the KGS:  you would allow new distributions for existing
packges only where they included security fixes.  Such a KGS would
require meaintenance effort:

 - The maintainer would need to monitor devlopment of "upstream"
   projects, in order to know that new distributions had been released.

 - In some cases, the maintainer might need to create separate
   distributions for some upstream eggs, in order to strip out changes
   unrelated to a given security fix.

That kind of KGS / release could certainly be useful, but it wouldn't
be, nor serve the same goals as, a frozen release.

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