Sebastien Douche wrote:
> On 12/6/05, Adam Groszer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>Could somebody please put the Hungarian translation to the trunk?
>>I don't have the permission to the svn repository.
> Same thing for french translation. Why you ask to translate zope3 if
> nobody updates po files ? :(

Ok, sorry, this is my bad. I originally thought we'd make a Zope 3.1.1
release with your translations. Now 3.2.0 is close to being released as
a final.

Here's what we'd need to do:

* Update the translation template in with Zope 3.2.0b1's

* Fix the translations according to the POT updates

* Extract the translations from and put them into the Zope
3 svn.

Unfortunately, I won't have time at all this month to do this. Maybe
someone who has checkin rights or would be willing to get
them (it's easy) could do this. I would give him administrative rights
on as well so that he can perform the necessary tasks.

Volunteers, anyone?

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