Hi all,

I am trying to create a view that combines a listing of a container's
contents with a form to add another object.

I have two views that independently perform these functions correctly
when called as follows:


So far so good, I hope.  Now for the combining...

I attempt to incorporate this into the template for addSomeType:
  <span tal:replace="structure context/@@listSomeType"/>

But that appears not to work since context is the magic "+" object,
not my container... so it doesn't have my view.

So I try including this in the template for listSomeTypes:
  <span tal:replace="structure context/+/addSomeType"/>

But listSomeType seems unable to acquire "+".  The fact that I expect
it to probably reveals how recently I switched from Zope 2.  ;-)

I suspect there is nugget of Zope 3 wisdom that's evaded me so far...
can anyone give me a quick shove toward enlightenment?


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