> I think the trick would be to write code for Zope 3 and put it
> in a top-level package, like "textindexng". Inside this package you add a
> package "TextIndexNG" that is expected to be added to Zope 2's
> lib/python/Products.

Seems reasonable. But my gut reaction is to have this type of cvs/svn layout:

TextIndexNG/setup.py # distutils stuff
TextIndexNG/TextIndexNG # for Zope2

That way you just check it out and tar it for distrubution.

You install it for zope3 with "python setup.py". setup.py will be
constructed to completely ignores everything in

You install it for Zope2 by copying TextIndexNG/TextIndexNG to
Products and running distutils again.

If src/textindexng is all python and no C or other funny business you
could actually copy it to Products/TextIndexNG/ as well. If that is
the case, as Zope2 distribution with that layout could be provided as

Anything bad with this?

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