Now I have a problem with the Pluggable Authentication Utility.

I have a folder(hu03), which a made a Site.
In the default Site-Management Folder I created a Pluggable
Authentication Utility (pauloc).
Which has a SessionCredentialsPlugin (s2), a PrincipalFolder
(usrloc) and a HTTP Basic-Auth Plugin (http2).
There is one user in the PrincipalFolder (jani).
For Credentials Plugins http2 and s2 is selected.
For Authenticator Plugins usrloc is selected.
Every plugin is active.

Just for fun with
I granted _every_ role and permission to jani, including Site Manager,
Site Member, ...

Now jani is able to login, but objects requiring zope.ManageContent
permission just return "Unathorized".

There is a method, which I tried to
use to check permissions with. But it returns:

{'principalPermissions': [], 'rolePermissions': [], 'principalRoles': []}
{'principalPermissions': [], 'rolePermissions': [], 'principalRoles': []}
global settings
{'principalPermissions': [], 'rolePermissions': [{'setting': PermissionSetting:
Allow, 'role': 'bugtracker.User', 'permission': 'bugtracker.AddBug'},
{'setting': PermissionSetting: Allow, 'role': 'zope.Manager', 'permission':
'bugtracker.AddBug'}, {'setting': PermissionSetting: Allow, 'role':
'zope.Manager', 'permission':

I guess that means that jani does not have the roles/permissions.
Please help

Best regards,
 Adam                          mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

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