Nicolas Legault wrote:
So far I've succesfully execute an SQL script from a ZPT page with this

  <tal:div  tal:repeat="row container/sql_script">
    <h1 tal:content="string: ${row/column_one}, ${row/column_two}" />

Now I wan't to pass some arguments to the SQL script.

I've tried this example in ZPT found on i know
it's a zope 2.7 example...

  <tal:div  tal:repeat="row python: here.sql_script(limit=10)">

I've got an error : "here" is not defined.

Yes. 'here' is a Zope2ism. Use 'context' or 'container' instead.

I've tried with "container", "context"... always got an error.

What error?

Can someone tell me how to pass arguments to the SQL Script objects ?

Same as with Zope2-style SQLMethods: as keyword arguments. The above example should work, provided your SQL is sane and you have a working database adapter.

Is there a documentation on this topic for X3 ?

Not really because Zope 3's focus is not through-the-web (TTW) development. The main method of developing Zope 3 components is regular file system development.

If you're looking for general documentation on Zope 3, there are two books available: and



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