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Finally, I took the time this week-end to read the book :)

What I can say is thank you Philipp. It's really a great book and it's a
lot of pleasure reading it.

For those who didn't have the chance to read it you really should take a
look at it and buy it ;)

So thank you Philipp !


Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
> Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I'm proud to announce that a second book on Zope 3, "Web Component
>> Development with Zope 3", is officially out now. It is the ideal
>> companion to Stephan Richter's expert "Developer Handbook", serving as
>> a general introduction to Zope X3.0 from a beginner and intermediate
>> point of view.
> Hello again,
> just letting you know that the book seems now to be generally available
> on the American continent, at least by the looks of the Springer
> ordering page [1] where it says the book will ship within 2-3 days.
> Amazon still predicts 2-3 *weeks* unfortunately; I guess they either
> haven't updated their shipping information or they haven't received a
> delivery themselves yet. For more information on ordering please refer
> to http://worldcookery.com/WhereToBuy.
> In any case, I apologize for the delay and hope the delivery problem
> will be solved soon. If possible, I would be interested in feedback
> whether ordering the book in the U.S. has succeeded.
> Best regards,
> Philipp
> [1]
> http://www.springeronline.com/sgw/cda/frontpage/0,11855,4-102-22-35029949-0,00.html
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