Hi Philipp,

Thanks for your suggestions!

Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
> You don't really need to treat the action path in the menu class. You
> can just as well assemble it in the Page Template where you're actually
> looping over the menu items.

Right. That's what I did initially, but I realised that I had to 'know' about
this base URL in the page template, and possibly in other places too.

<pondering>Then again, if I make a macro out of this specific menu, I only have
to 'know' the base URL in one place and I can leave out the custom Menu

> If you need a more complex setup, e.g. have your 'stem_url' always be
> the URL of some object that is not the root of your Virtual Host, you
> could define a browser view (not a page!) named 'get_application_root'
> or so, have that traverse the acquisition path to the object and return
> it and then use that object's @@absolute_url.


> Hard coding a URL in Python is definitely not very useful.

Sure. I 'hardcoded' the path in the example to simplify it. We do indeed have a
facility in the application to get to the application root.

I think I'll indeed follow you suggestion by creating a macro for the menu and
not use the custom menu implementation. Thanks again!


Jan-Wijbrand Kolman
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