Hi there,

I'm CC-ing zope3-users because that's the list for user problems (zope3-dev is reserved for zope 3 development).

Now we that we studied Zope3 and (almost) decided to go for it. Mainly
for I18n, L10n,  test framework and skins support which are going to
be very useful for our application.
Also would like to mention that Zope3 has great documention.

As somebody who has worked on Zope 3 documentation I'm extremely satisfied to hear that.

I still need some suggestions.

About the product:
Our product has pyhton backend api for which we are planning to write
web frontend based on Zope3. Since we have already established api
which is not like Zope interfaces, I am thinking of using ZPT based
forms and other pages that would simply call existing backend
whereever required.
For eg.
API has a functions like getUsersList and getUserInfo()

from User import  *

['bob', 'merry']

{'name':'bob', 'age': 17}

And now use ZPT to render
<!-- repeat user in User.getUsersList() -->
<!-- User.getUserInfo['user'] -->

I know this backend is not very great to start with but given current
requirement I cant change it much.
I read ZPT is always bound to the content class. First of all is it
possible using ZPTs like that without really having defined zope
interfaces, content classes and  ZCML as minimal as possible? (Am I
sounding stupid?)

Views (ZPTs are registered as views) are looked up for content classes, that is true. That doesn't mean the view necessarily must have something to do with the content class. You could simply register all your ZPT pages and browser view classes (you need those for all the Python logic that you shouldn't put in ZPTs) e.g. for IRootFolder. Then they'd be available at http://localhost:8080/@@viewname.html.

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