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Kevin Dangoor wrote:

1) the intid utility is used to maintain an object<->integer ID
mapping for use as a document ID in catalog indexes. Given that the
objects already have an integer ID, _p_oid,

_p_oid is not an integer.

Err... Yeah, that would be a good reason not to use _p_oid :)

I *thought* it was an int, but clearly it is an 8 byte string.

It happens to be 8 bytes for file storage.  The storage API only says it's
a string.

>>>Are the reference objects the place you would likely
>>>store metadata (I didn't see a facility in catalog itself for this)?
I'm not going to worry about that until I see an actual performance
issue with my objects being activated...

I'll note that the Zope 2 Catalog's meta-data table is a holdover from
a Digital Creations product for publishing DBase files on the web.
People uploaded the DBase files into our product, which stored
the data in a tabular structure and associated indexes.

It's not obvious to me that the meta data table is a performance
win. It could be a loss, at least depending on the application.

The rows in the meta-data table are just tuples.  These tuples
can be very large. A bucket will typically hold 30-60 of these
tuples.  Loading oe of these buckets could eaily be more
expensive than loading an object.


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