I find hard time to fit
OLE DB connection string to the spec. The param's value is not allowed
to be quoted
so that I value can be in form of nesting "param=value". The "parseDSN"
is too

I decided to use this standard. It was designed by Java people I think. I have never heard about nesting being a requirement. Can you give me a use case? Also, quoting should work in the usual style. HTML is able to encode any type of data in the URI, so should the DSN string.

Sorry for very late reply. My HD've been broken.
The nesting parameter requirement occur to me when work with Oracle connection string. Oracle Client allow a datasource string that does not depend on tnsnames configuration like this:


and when this data source string used in OLE DB connection string, It'll be look like this.

User Id="use";Password="pass";Provider="OraOLEDB.Oracle.1";Data Source="(DESCRIPTION = (CONNECT_DATA = (SERVICE_NAME = B2KD))(ADDRESS_LIST = (ADDRESS = (HOST = = TCP)(PORT = 1521))))"

I prefer this way of configuration rather that having another point of configuration in Oracle Driver's tnsname.ora

Quoting is all it needs for such requirement, imho.

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