I have a simple question about pluggable authentication.

I created a folder and I made it a site.
In the default Site-Management Folder I created a Pluggable Authentication 
Utility (named plaut).
Inside it I made a PrincipalFolder (Partner) and added a user soc1.

Every credential plugin is active

When I try to connect via ftp on localhost:9021 with the soc1 user I can 
list all the folders but not the ++etc++site.
(I can do it with a user (manager) I've added in the principals.zcml)

the error message is:
Unauthorized: (<zope.app.component.site.LocalSiteManager object at 
0x9134aac>, '__iter__', 'zope.ManageSite')

What should I do?
I am a total newbie.


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