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>>> Subject: [Zope3-Users] pluggable authentication utility
>>> Hi,
>>> I have a simple question about pluggable authentication.
>>> I created a folder and I made it a site.
>>> In the default Site-Management Folder I created a Pluggable
>>> Authentication Utility (named plaut).
>>> Inside it I made a PrincipalFolder (Partner) and added a user soc1.
>> Don't give a name (plau). Pluggable authentication utilities
>> are as dfault unnamed. All components right now will lookup the
>> PAU with name=''.

The PAU registration doesn't accept a name. He's likely talking about
the PAU's name itself, which can be anything.

> For 3.2, we need to find a way to make this clearer.  Either we need
> to provide a more verbose description of what the name is for or
> perhaps, as Stephan has suggested, for components that are always
> looked up without names, we should not provide the option of entering
> a name and, for others, we should require a name.

IMO, the PAU pattern of not taking a name works well. The confusion
above may be a hold-over from the time when PAU regs did accept names.

 -- Garrett
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