Thanks for the response, Stephan; your efforts are appreciated! 

Maybe I can be of some help by going through the book using the new 3.1b and 
make notes of whatever stuff ( code and/or text ) that could be changed to
better reflect the changes from 3.0 to 3.1.

Or maybe if the Zope3 Book was wiki'fied, like the Zope2 Book 
( ), it would be 
easier for others to contribute change suggestions and report 

Does the online Zope3 reflect the dead-tree version?

On Saturday 18 June 2005 12:32 pm, Stephan Richter wrote:
> On Saturday 18 June 2005 15:19, Corey wrote:
> > Question:  with all these new changes since 3.0 ( which all look very
> > good! ), approximately how much of the Zope3 Dev Book becomes
> > misleading/incorrect/obsolete? Primarily I'm wondering whether it is
> > still possible to use the Zope3 dev book , follow along with it's
> > examples/excersises without constantly running into troubles?
> Yeah, I think that most of it will still work just fine. I think someone
> reported that step 7 or 8 of the messageboard product was still working on
> the trunk, which is impressive. Before the final release I will take some
> time and make sure that all the packages will still work without
> modification.
> > Right off the bat, I can see that the stuff on Services will be a point
> > of hassle and confusion for many people starting off w/ Zope 3.1 and the
> > current Zope3 dev guide.
> Right, this cannot be avoided. But I already talk very little about
> services in the book.
> > Are there prospective plans to keep the book updated with the releases,
> > or are there simply not enough resources/time available at this point to
> > do so?
> I am not sure how much time I will have. I am very booked till school
> starts again. I would need at least a week to get everything updated, not
> to mention covering new features.
> Regards,
> Stephan
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