I'd like to develop a page that is most like the PDF example in Phillip's
worldcookery but with some modification parameter

Here is what I want:

Construct a page that will have a graphic image (JPEG for example) with a
form under the graph that can control some parameter to generate the graph,
like a dates for intervals of the X axis, maximum and minimum for Y axis.

What I need from the user's point of view:

1- the user will load the page and see a graph with default parameter
(today's date...) and a form under the graph with empty fields.
2- the user can enter some data in these fields and leave others blank
(default will be used for field leaved blank)
3- the user click the submit button and the new graph appear with, again,
the form under the image.

After examining the worldcookery PDF example, I see how to implement the
generation of the image, what I don't understant is how to include this in
an HTML with a form and pass these value to the graph function.

A long time ago I've implemented a web page like this in 100% pure code and
what I've done was:

- Examine the GET/POST to get passed parameter.
- used default value for blank parameter.
- create the graph and write it on a temporary name on HD.
- construct the HTML returned code with a <img src="..."> pointing to the
- return the code to the remote browser.

Thanks in advance.

Nicolas Legault
Immo-Controle Inc.
Chambly, Quebec, Canada
514-272-3453 Ext 2

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