Hi everybody

        I just started with Zope3 (and before not even smelling Zope2 - which I 
already now from previous posts is good) and even after going through zope 
book and web component development with zope3 I still cannot figure out
of how can I override default page which appears?
        When one opens //localhost:8080/ then comes this standard screen with 
objects listed with some additional information, through which one can browse 
and display etc. If there is a skin defined at the top one can see for ex. 
worldcookery logo. I can create my own add, edit pages for every object, but 
I cannot for the main one.
        So how can I do this? And going further, how would I be able to access 
defined objects from main page (how can I make on my own what now is 

thanks in advance
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