Zope 3.1 has lots of architectural cleanups. The most major cleanup
is the removal of services and the effect it had on the through-the-web
component registration support.  Stephan made a significant effort
to make this backward compatible.  Databases created with Zope X3.0 *should*
work with Zope 3.1, but this needs to be tested.  If you have an X3.0
database that you want to be able to use with 3.1, I strongly suggest
you make a copy of it and try out the 3.1 beta release with the copy.
If you run into problems:

- Report any problems you encounter at:

- Be prepared to make a copy of your database, before trying it
  with 3.1, to developers so that they can try to reproduce your

Backward compatibility is important to us, but you have to do your
part by helping us test for backward compatibility.

Note that we only try to provide backward compatibility for features
or situations that we think people use or encounter in *practice*.
There are times when, for practicality, we don't try to provide
backward compatability support if we don't think people will be
affected.  This is another reason why your testing is so important.


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