Am Mittwoch, 22. Juni 2005 08:34 schrieb Sven Schomaker:
> Hi Florian,
> AFAIK there is actually no need to manually return
> the pagetemplate if you've registered your page via
> zcml, since the page directive creates a new
> SimpleViewClass with your class definition and
> template as a mix-in.

A __call__ without any return cause the template to output nothing.

> Nevertheless the SimpleViewClass created exposes the
> template provided by the zcml as an attribute
> called 'index' and returns it in the __call__ method
> itself.
> Look at the code in
> to see how it works.
> So if your willing to return the template yourself, just
> define the __call__ method in your view class like this:
> def __call__(self):
>     return self.index()

This works!



> This should do the trick (Tried it myself to assure
> not being mistaken, but if so please don't let me die
> untaught!). But you definetly should not have to do it,
> since it's supposed to work right out of the box.
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