On Saturday 18 June 2005 13:51, Garrett Smith wrote:
> Something like this perhaps:
> class ISimplePAU(Interface):
>   authentication = Choice(values=('HTTP-Auth', 'Session'))
>   allowUserChangeOnUnauthorized = Bool()
>   principals = Attribute("A PrincipalsFolder plugin.")

I don't like that for the same reasons as Roger did. I think some 
wizard-framework would be much more powerful. It would also solve the problem 
for all complex components and not just the PAU. 

That said, the tricky part would be to provide not only a good UI for this, 
but also a good Python API, so that you can make use of the "wizard" via the 
Web and Python, which is very important to its success. For example, I think 
the new preference package is very powerful, since it makes it very simple to 
be used in Python, TALES and via Web pages.

Stephan Richter
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