Stephan Richter wrote:

>Congratulations, though I know its late! :-) There might be some interest in 
>the Z3-ECM community of a JSON server.
I would hope there would be interest in Z3-ECM.  JSON's almost-python
notation is very fast to read and write, and particularly so with, which is part of the project.  Of course, JSON(-RPC) only
transports text-ish things; images and such need a different transport,
I think.

And I probably should have been a bit more explanatory on a couple of
things in my announcement:

1.  Since it is in my svn repository, and still alpha, it will change
(presumably improve) as I see fit.  If anyone sees anything that needs
improving, let me know; I'm still enthusiastic about the project, so
updates can happen quickly.  In fact, I just did a minor update.  Debug
info now uses the logging facility instead of simply printing on the
console :) .  I'll wait until I hear positive things from anyone needing
unicode (still a nagging worry) with it before I make a beta announcement.

2.  My subversion repository is http only:

svn co 

will work OK.  I did not bother poking another hole in the firewall for

3. (also updated an hour or so ago) seems to work OK in
pythons 2.3 and 2.4

4.  If there's interest, I could probably put together and include a
simple demonstration application. I am open for suggestions on what that
app might be.

>BTW, I have also deicded that I will tackle the HTTPRequestFactory issue for 
>3.2 by developing some sort of registry based on subscribers that decides 
>based on registered subscribers which request to create. This way all you 
>need to do is to register a new subscriber to hook up a new HTTP extension. 
>Maybe I make it a utility, I don't know. :-)
Thanks, Stephan. That sounds appropriate.  It seemed unpythonic to
duplicate the code for all content-type listeners to add one
content-type listener.


-Jim Washington
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