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Dylan Reinhardt wrote:

When my content interface *inherits* from an interface, this seems to
work... but when my class *implements* an interface, this appears not

I don't know what you mean.

Perhaps I'm not using the correct terminology.  :-)

Here are the two cases:

Case 1 ("implements"):
 I have a ZCML directive such as this:

  <content class=".mycode.MyClass">
    <!--much snipped-->

Case 2 ("inherits").
 I use the following in my interface definition:

   from something.interfaces import ISomeBase

   class IMyClass(ISomeBase):
       """ this interface inherits from another one """

In case 2, I'm able to use the menuitem ZCML directive to suppress a
menu that's defined by ISomeBase.  All good.

In case 1, I can't find a way to suppress the display of the Metadata
tab.... at least not without resorting to a custom template or
wrapping/modifying built-in code.  This *seems* like a task for ZCML,

Does that help clarify the problem I'm seeing?

I think so.  So, you don't want to define a new interface that
extends IAttributeAnnotatable.

You should be able to define the menu item for the class.
If you can't I'd consider that a bug.  (This bug is not unlikely,
because we may not have gotten around to supporting classes
in menu-item for attriutes.)


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