Using recent svn checkout.

I have found perhaps a problem using session credentials that I am
unable to debug and solve.

On a fresh site I have registered Pluggabble Authentication and Session
Credentials, create a Principals Folder and an InternalPrinciple within.

The login screen works fine and I am logged in as the new user within
the site and can logout with logout.html.

But in request.principal doesn't return the principal object I expect:

<div tal:content="view/request/principal" />

>> Principal(u'site.user')

<div tal:content="python: request.principal.__provides_" />

>> <implementedBy zope.app.authentication.principalfolder.Principal>

and as such has **no getLogin method**.

I would have expected it to provide InternalPrincipal as it appears to
in default/PluggableAuthenticatin/principals/testuser/@@introspector

Any suggestions?

With sincere regards,
Darryl Cousins

Darryl Cousins <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Tree Fern Web Services
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Thames 2801
New Zealand
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