Thanks everyone for your responses - they were very informative. I feel I've 
got much better insight on the subject now, it's great to watch how the 
patterns begin to emerge and become recognizable - moments of "aha!".

( as an aside: I have to say - the condition of the codebase, the organization 
of the APIs and the quality of the documentation is absolutely beautiful - 
well done! It quickly becomes  very clear how much thought and effort went 
into the whole framework.  )



On Wednesday 22 June 2005 11:32 pm, Corey wrote:
> Appologies if some of these questions seem naive, I'm just beginning to
> more thoroughly delve into zope3 - of which I've been very impressed so
> far.
> However - is it just me, or does zope3 seem to require a rather massive
> amount of configuration?
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