i am currently in the process of rewriting an application, which is used
to upload laptimes of racing simulations from users and allow comparing
them. this application is done TTW using zope2.

now i want to turn this into a product and also use zope3 to see how
things handle there for projects at work or for other freetime projects.

my genercal concern about all this is, how would a write such an
application. using a relational database is an absolute must and its
also no big deal. using SQLScript objects on the fly in the code by
acquiring the name of the dba from the parent object is no big deal.

the bigger problem here is, that i need some guidance, how to design the
application. all the things i read about zope3 (the two pdfs from
jfulton and srichter and the examples from the worldcookery) are good
for handling all the stuff needed to write apps, that store there stuff
in the zodb and evolve around some certain dataobject.

for my app i have e.g. a track list - this is some sort of singleton for
the app: it holds a list of all tracks - for which a driver, beside
othere "keys", can register laptimes. what i did now is to define an
ITrack and an ITrackContainer - the container handles the SELECT,
INSERT, DELETE - the ITrack the UPDATE. i guess with some help of the
general View class i can also add later a simple form for editing the
tracks. using a contents-view for the container then would allow me to
browse the tracks even without writing a new view for this.

but how do i add my "tracks" instance of the ITrackContainer to my
"root"? i tried adding it as property - it wont get found. maybe this is
a wrong approach how to develop and design things at all with zope3?

any url with examples, applications or code, how to develop "big"
applications, that utilize external databases are highly appreciated.


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