Two questions:

Is it possible to have Inline code in a page template that is created on the
host file system, not throught the ZMI ? I got an error that inline code is
not activated, where do I activate it ?

Is it a bug or this code is now not supported in Zope 3.1 ZPT ?

          01 <html><body>
          02   <script type="text/server-python">
          03     global x
          04     x = "Hello World!"
          05   </script>
          06   <b tal:content="x" />
          07 </body></html>
this code is from

If it's not supported anymore, is there a way to return values from the
python script and use them in the zpt ?

Nicolas Legault
Immo-Controle Inc.
Chambly, Quebec, Canada
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