On Fri, Jul 08, 2005 at 06:57:12AM -0000, shariq  suhail wrote:
| Hi, 
|   i am trying to install zope3.0.0 with python 2.3.4 but it is not woking. 
Actually it hangs after starting zope.server.ttp and zope.server.ftp.
|  Kindly help me

It is not "hanging".  It is waiting for a network connection to
respond to.  Once the zope process has displayed the following message
in the terminal it is finished starting up and is behaving as it is
supposed to.

    2005-07-08T12:40:38 INFO PublisherHTTPServer zope.server.http (HTTP) 
            Hostname: lucius
            Port: 8080
    2005-07-08T12:40:38 INFO root Startup time: 8.857 sec real, 2.920 sec CPU

At this point, open a browser and go to http://localhost:8080/ .  Zope
is server software and all interactions are performed through the
network with a client application.  Primarily a web browser will be
used, but you can also use an ftp client for some operations or other
applicable network tools.

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