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> Hehe,
> Well, it's ALMOST true, since you guys have done so much amazing work
> since I last looked in!

Welcome :)

> Anyway, as a newbie, I got some questions:
> - What docs should I read first?

Order Stephan Richter's and Philipp von Weitershausen's books. If
you're impatient, Stephan's book is online as well, but you'll still
definately want a hardcopy

> - How do I get Zope 3 up and running on Windows, and what's the "best"
> version for me to try?

No experience here, but I don't think it's alot different from recent
Zope2 installations (make, make install, mkzopeinstance, etc). Both
books assume Zope X3 3.0, but the current svn trunk is pretty usable
as well.

> - Where can I find good reference docs? What books should I buy?

See above, the zope3 section on zope.org and the included README's

> - Are there any good example apps I can look at so I can build "my first
> app", which is likely to be Swishdot ;-)

Both Stephan and Philipp walk you through the creation of a simple
application (Stephan actually create's a Messageboard - we already
have our swishdot!)

Other examples (such as a wiki) are included in the Zope3 release. For
a more complex example, you might want to look at cubic:




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