On Jul 11, 2005, at 9:35 PM, Pupeno wrote:

I am new to Zope 3, I am reading the book, I am on chapter 15 (just finished)
and I am definitly going to use a WYSIWYG HTML widget and field on the
systems I am going to do.
Is anybody working on that ? Is there anyone that is likely to become the
standard Zope 3 WYSIWYG HTML widget ?
If not' I'll pick one that I like and I'll try to Zopeise it.

My main desire is that the widget allow multiple instances on the same page. http://mjablonski.zope.de/Epoz (a Zope 2 WYSIWYG) recently got that feature. http://kupu.oscom.org/ has had it for a bit longer. Zope 2 has both of these choices, for developers with differing tastes. I'd love for Zope 3 to have both choices as well. Choose the one that appeals to your style more, I'd say, and run with it!

There are other HTML WYSIWYG editors out there--http:// www.dynarch.com/projects/htmlarea/ for instance--but Zope has centered around the two I mentioned first.

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