Five 1.1b released!

The Five team is happy to release Five 1.1b, a beta release for the
upcoming version 1.1 of Five.  Compared to the 1.0 release, Five 1.1
brings a few more Zope 3 features to the Zope 2 world, such as

* Zope 3-style i18n (including fallback to existing Zope 2 i18n

* Zope 3 to Zope 2 interface bridging (in addition to the already
  supported Zope 2 to Zope 3 interface bridging),

* a couple more standard ZCML directives.

Five has also been changed internally -- the code has been
restructured and the testing framework has been simplified to be
easier to maintain.

For more information please consult the _CHANGES document.


Five 1.1b can be downloaded here:

Unless big show stoppers are encountered, Five 1.1 final will be
released during the coming weeks.  If you're already using Five, we
would like to ask you to test this beta release and give us feedback.
If you're not using Five already, take this release as an opportunity
to dive into the Zope 3 world!

Five 1.1 will most likely not be part of any Zope 2.x release. It will
also most likely be the last release to support Zope 2.7 and Zope
X3.0.  Upcoming versions of Five will be geared towards Zope 3.1 and
new-style ExtensionClasses as they appear in Zope 2.8 and higher.

About Five

Five is a Zope 2 product that allows you to integrate Zope 3
technologies into Zope 2, today.  It allows you to use the following
parts of the Zope 3 component architecture within Zope 2:

* Zope 3 interfaces

* adapters

* pages (views), including skins, layers and resources

* edit and add forms, based on schemas

* i18n


We've tried to keep the Five experience as close to Zope 3 as
possible, so this means that what you learn while using Five should
also be applicable to Zope 3.

More information about Five can be found on our website, here:

We hope you'll join our mailing list and let hear from yourself!

About the Zope 3 Base

Five is part of the *Zope 3 Base* project, which aims to offer an
approachable area for developers of Zope 3 related software. More
about the Zope 3 base and its projects can be found here:

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