[Tim Cook, finds his 3.1.0b1 problem]
> ...
> The problem REALLY was........Midnight Commander.
> I have used mc for many years and never seen this before.  But by using
> tar on the commandline the file extracted fine and I now a bright shiny
> instance of Zope3 running.

I hope someone pursues it anyway.  Various Zope-ish distributions hit
tar problems several times per year, and I don't know for a fact that
it's necessary for "us" to use a specific tar program in such a way
that other tar programs can't deal with the tarballs.  Anyone up to
date on their tar lore (I'm sure not)?

> Still had the gcc4 warnings but no biggie there.

Repairing that is adding a pile of tedious casting to C code mostly
under my care these days.  Since I don't have gcc4 and don't have
spare time to install it just for this, it would be nice if someone
with gcc4 submitted a patch.  It should be easy (if dull) -- adding
(char *) casts to the arguments gcc4 is complaining about.

> Sorry for the hassle and certainly for the big leap to tarball
> judgement.

Hey, from your POV the tarball _was_ broken.
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