Hello Chris,

I'm a newbie too... but I hope I can help you.

Thursday, July 14, 2005, 7:23:52 PM, you wrote:

CW> Chris Withers wrote:
>> Anyway, as a newbie, I got some questions:
>> - What docs should I read first?

I think the book of Philipp is a littlebit better for newcomers. After
that you can read Stephan's which then enhances you skills further.
You know that you can download it at
After that you can dig the source to become an expert :-)

CW> Is there no authoritative answer to this question?

>> - How do I get Zope 3 up and running on Windows, and what's the "best"
>> version for me to try?

CW> And I'd REALLY like the answer to this one. I don't want to work on some
CW> deadend backwards compatability only branch, and I have vague memories
CW> of 3.0 being in that situaion :-S Should I go for 3.1 or the trunk or what?

As first python 2.3(.5) is just enough for Zope3, even the trunk is happy
with it.
If you want to have fun with the trunk on windows you will have to
have some C compiler at hand. For activepython MSVC6 is just fine.
Others I haven't tried.

The other choices are then the versions you can download as installer.
I can't give you an advice for that, choose whichever you like.
All two books are written for the X3.0 release, but I think most of the
examples will work even with the trunk.
I'm using with the trunk, because:
- it's working
- it is getting new features all the time which I want to try&use.

>> - Where can I find good reference docs? What books should I buy?

CW> Okay, I've caught up on my mail an have a list of these now, time to
CW> hurt the credit card :-)

CW> cheers,

CW> Chris

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