Hi all,
I want to have a list of ordered sub objects (potentially if different types) for an object.

I don't want the subjects to be added via the normal Add method, but
I want to implement my own UI for the adding, delete, and ordering.
And I don't want them to turn up in the normal contents view.

The patent objects should also be "containerish", e.g. contain other
types of objects, of different types, that I would like to use the
normal Add facility for and show up in the normal Contents view.

The question is how I should go about and solve this and what
possibilities Zope 3 already got to solve it?

I'm guessing between having to separate container interfaces
for the object, using the special case container interface
with my custom content view.

Or implement a ordered list field that can take sub objects
of different types.

I haven't fully grasped what is possible with the stock fields
(for instance List in combination with more advanced fields as
value_type, I haven't found any documentation r example using this, pointer would be appreciated :-)

Any tips?


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