On Tuesday 28 June 2005 15:51, Florian Lindner wrote:
> But I suspect this code to be highly dependend of the principal folder.


> What is the best and most generic way to do that?

This is not so easy, since every queriable could have a different API for 
searching. A queriable always describes a search schema. From this search 
schema you can build a query mapping that is passed into the search() 
function of the queriable. I think you best bet would be to choose the 
default value for each field. Here some untested code:

user_ids = []
for name, queriable in pau.getQueriables():
  q = {}
  for n, f in queriable.schema.namesAndDescriptions():
    q[n] = f.default
  user_ids += list(queriable.search(q))  

users = [pau.getPrincipal(id) for id in user_ids]

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