Stephan Richter wrote:

You definitely have to write a custom container. In your case I would suggest providing an attribute on your container that is also a container and holds all those objects that you want to manage via another process.

Thanks for the input.

I'm thinking about implementing a container that would be configurable
through ZCML (would that be configured by assigning interfaces?)
The container would support options to use filters, automatic naming and
order support.

But for now I will probably implement either a custom field or a custom
dedicated interface.

It would have been much clearer, if you would have provided a full use case instead of talking about it abstractly.

Sorry if I wasn't clear, here's the use cases:

- User choose (content) type and adds to a list
- User selects and deletes type items
- User selects and moves items in order (up. down, top, bottom)
- User views all of the content items.
- User changes some or all content items and saves changes.

- Plus the use cases for IFolder

From that I realized that the items are unnamed, I other words need to
get a name assigned to it when added.


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