John Smith wrote:
Hi Everyone,

Can anyone give me a few pointers how to use a schema
to auto generate a form that I can use in a view of a
content object?

The content object is a sort of "vehicle manager"
which has an interface IVehicleManager. the Vehicle
stores things in the ZODB like the dsn for an SQL
database and other configuration stuff.

There is then a schema, IVehicle, which lists such
things as colour, reqistration, make, model, year etc,
and these details I want to store in the SQL database.

Up to now, I have been using a hand coded ZPT as a
view object of the VehicleManager to capture Vehicle

Surely there is some way to use the IVehicle schema to
auto-generate the form, for use outside of the ZMI.

Just a few pointers would help. For example, does the
browser:form directive return a whole page, or do I
somehow refer to the browser:form object from a
separate browser:page built from .pt file?

Thanks for any help,


Hi John,
For the auto generate form from a schema I think:

is the pointer you need?


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