Alec Munro  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi List,
> I'm finally getting into the swing of Zope 3 development, and I've
> been doing a bit of thinking on how to integrate everything with
> Subversion.
> The general process I've settled on is as follows (this is all
> happening on a development server):
> 1.SVN Update Code locally
> 2.Edit Code
> 3.Test Code on local Zope
> 4.SVN Check-in Code from local
> 5.SVN Check-out/Update code on development server
> 6.Test Code on development Zope
> 1.If successful, restart development Zope.
> 2.If unsuccessful?

IMO it's better to do:

 1. SVN Update Code locally
 2. Edit Code
 3. Test Code on local Zope
 4. Rsync code to development server
 5. Test Code on development Zope
 6. SVN Update local Zope to merge changes that happened meanwhile
 7. If there were changes, goto 3
 8. Check-in code from local

You don't want to checkin code that ends up being wrong.


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