Hi List,

I've been going over this for a while, and while I think I understand
how it could work, I would really like some advice on how it should

I have a content component that can contain a couple other types of
content component. The way I had originally thought to implement this
was to have a property of the content component for each type, and
have that property be a container for that type. I have very little
idea how to implement this.

Once I got to thinking about implementation, two scenarios emerged:
The first one is a relatively small departure from the above, where
the content components of each type are added directly to the primary
component, and the __setitem__ method on the primary component checks
their type, and calls __setitem__ on the appropriate property.

The other scenario was that the primary component would actually store
all of the added components itself, and I would provide adapters to
the primary component for that type.

Writing it out, it seems like the second method is probably the more
correct one, but I would appreciate people's opinions, as I have much
to learn.

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