I'm sure I'm using the wrong terminology, so here's what I'm trying to do.
I have a generic container type (someContainer), and a specific object
type (objA). objA can only be contained within AContainer (or
containers that implement IAContainer), so in order to add objA to
someContainer, we would need an adapter between IAContainer and
IsomeContainer. To complicate the mix, there is no such adapter
(because I don't want objA stored in someContainer). However, there is
an adapter between IBContainer, and IsomeContainer. There is also an
adapter between IobjA and IobjB.

Multi-directional adapter seems appropriate, because in order for
things to work, both the container and the object to be contained.

Is this common practice, or even possible? It seems like it would
probably work, but I still have much to learn, so please advise.


Alec Munro
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