Announcing:  jsonserver 1.0 beta1.

jsonserver is an implementation of JSON-RPC for Zope 3.  It enhances
Zope 3's http server to listen for content-type of 'text/x-json' and
allows json-rpc methods.  json-rpc methods are used like xml-rpc methods.

jsonserver is licensed ZPL2.1.

This is a beta release.  It does everything I need it to do, but there
may still be some bugs or features I missed that people want.  It works
with current Zope 3 svn trunk.  It may work with earlier versions of
Zope 3. Tests are included, just to be sure.

Since the alpha announcement, there have been many bugfixes, and the
JSON implementation is now a replaceable component.  jsonserver also now
provides feature="jsonrpc", so you can write conditional zcml that takes
effect only if jsonrpc is available (thanks, Roger Ineichen!).

The README.txt file has installation instructions and information about

jsonserver is available at

For more about JSON and links about JSON-RPC, see .

-Jim Washington

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