Jeff Shell wrote:
I'm about to get working on a project in Zope 3 that will be our first
major project for a paying customer (in fact, our marquee customer and
one of our marquee sites). This project will be replacing an aging
Zope 2 site, which relied heavily on FTP for its content management.
When content is uploaded by FTP to an existing object, the catalog is
reindexed. Nicely, in Zope 3 I can depend on object modification
events to handle cataloging.

In looking at how FTP support is written in, I notice
that ObjectCreatedEvent notifications are sent off when new objects
are created. But when is used to
write to an existing object via an IWriteFile adapter, the FTP View
does not send an object modified event.

I'm assuming that it's the responsibility of my IWriteFile adapter to
send notifications of this event?


> Or is this something that should be
in the FTPView's implementation?

No.  The FTPView isn't actually modifying the object, the IWriteFile
viw is.  It's possible that the write-file adapter could be modifying
a different object than the one it adapts.


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