On Fri, Jul 29, 2005 at 03:30:17PM +0100, Jim Vine wrote:

> 1. Where should I be looking for documentation on how
> to use self.request.get?
> 2. What is the equivalent way of getting arguments
> from POST methods? (I guessed self.request.post, but
> that didn't seem to work).

there is no difference between post and get vars in zope for the
developers site of views. get() is a method of request (or dictionaries)
to fetch a named value (with the option to also get an default back just
in case the variable is not there). long story short: request holds all
the variables from post/get/cookies/... - if you want to work only with
submited form data use request.form.

for the philosophickal approach GET vs POST - use POST for <form> - and
you use by default GET on things like anchors, ... - your application
usually wont notice the difference and there are some limitations to get
(no file-upload possible, length or url and thus amount of params, ...)


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