On Aug 22, 2005, at 9:00 AM, Markus Leist wrote:


there are a few (older) mails about "recursive constraints" in Zope3.
I wasn't able to find a solution for this small problem:

in interface.py:
class IIkGroup(IIkSClass):
    def __setitem__(name, object):
        """Add a IIkGroup object."""
    __setitem__.precondition = ItemTypePrecondition( IIkInterface)

only Instances of IkInterface are allowed to add, ok so far.

Now it should be possible to add an Instance of IkGroup (on itself)?
"... ItemTypePrecondition( IIkGroup, IIkInterface) ..." is a stupid idea, because
pathon don't know IIkGroup() at this time.

I don't wont to implement an "IContained"-mechanism and
setTaggedValue... seems to be obsolete - is this possible?

Hi Markus. Yes, it is somewhat ugly to do, but possible. If you look at how the zope.app.container constraint stuff works you should be able to figure how to do it. Essentially, even though we mostly want interfaces to be immutable, they are not. If you mutate them right after you construct them--adding a 'precondition' attribute to __setitem__, for instance--you should be able to swallow your distaste and get the behavior you want. :-)


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