Benji York wrote:
Jason Leach wrote:

So are PythonScripts going to be included in Zope3 any time soon?  I
currently don't see them in 3.1.

No.  At some point, we will have TTW modules and libraries.  Modules
will be for software prototyping.  Libraries will fill the same ecological
niche as Python Scripts.  They will be content objects that provide
access to functions that can be used in content space templates.

There isn't, at present, much interest in/resources for through-the-web development in Zope 3.

There is certainly interest but there is greater interest in other areas.
This is definately something that I hope will recieve some focus before
too long.

BTW, to clarify, I'd like to draw a distinction between development
and scripting.  My current vision is that, for various reasons, we
will support TTW development only for prototyping.  That is, we'll
provide facilities that allow one to prototype components through the web
and then automatically migrate them to file-system-based components.

We will also support TTW scripting.  Scripting is used to create
"active content", which is content that includes some programming
logic.  Scripting is used for one-off tasks, like manipulating
results of searches or automating specialized tasks.  Scripting
includes development of content-space templates, libraries, etc.

Stephan Richter wrote:
> On Tuesday 06 September 2005 19:39, Jason Leach wrote:
>>So are PythonScripts going to be included in Zope3 any time soon?  I
>>currently don't see them in 3.1.
> Probably not. We have not made a commitment in Zope 3 to support TTW
> development yet.

To clarify, I have made a commitment to support TTW scripting some time
in the future, meaning I fully expect to provide these sorts of facilities
in the future.

It's possible that Python scripts will make it into Zope 3 someday --
in a round-about way.  My *hope* is that someday Zope 2 and Zope 3
converge in such a way that they differ only by configuration.  If
that hope is realized, you'll be able to blend classic Zope 2 facilities,
like Python Scripts, with Zpe 3 facilities.


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