Hello Florian,

No clue. Next hint is to override the add method of AddView.
The default is:
return self.context.add(content)

Try something like this:

Another hint:
self.context.contentName = my_id
return self.context.add(content)

Have a look at \src\zope\app\container\browser\adding.py and
\src\zope\app\container\interfaces.py, IAdding interface.

The above are not tested, so...

Sunday, September 11, 2005, 11:01:05 AM, you wrote:

> Am Samstag, 10. September 2005 18:53 schrieb Adam Groszer:
>> Hello Florian,
>> I suggest you download the examples for Philipp's book from
>> http://worldcookery.com/files/examples-1.0.tgz
>> Have a look at \examples-1.0\14containers\folder.py.

> A INameChooser adapter would really be perfect for me. But I need access to
> the form data of the add form. And AFAIK I don't have this using the
> NameChooser. You now a way to get the form data in the NameChooser?

> Thanks,

> Florian

>> Saturday, September 10, 2005, 5:05:26 PM, you wrote:
>> > Hello,
>> > I want to override the createAndAdd method mothed in a view class. Since
>> > I don't want to do all the work I want to derive my class from the
>> > AddView class from
>> /home/florian/Zope3/src/zope/app/form/browser/add.py.
>> > The only thing I do in my class is to change the name (object id) of the
>> > object to be created. In the arguments of the createAndAdd method I have
>> > not found any information about the id. How can I alter the name?
>> >
>> > Thanks,
>> >
>> > Florian
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