On Thursday 01 September 2005 14:44, Antonio Beamud Montero wrote:
> If I create a Component Client and a component Invoice,
> - it's better put all the instances inside se same folder or create two
> folders, a folder clients and a folder invoices?

There are different approaches:

1. Create Client components living in a Clients folder that can contain 
invoices. I use this pattern in my book.

2. Create Client components living in a Clients folder that have an attribute 
called invoices that is a folder. This one is used sometimes in Zope 3 core.

3. Create Client and Invoice components that live in Clients and Invoices 
folders respectively and create relationship objects linking them to each 
other. This approach is used by SchoolTool and I like it a lot. You can use 
SchoolTool's relationship package.

> Where I can find patterns in zope 3 design apps?

Well, different people use different patterns. It's up to you.

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