On Thursday 01 September 2005 15:04, Alec Munro wrote:
> I have what seems like it should be a simple problem:
> I want each of certain types of objects on my site to have certain
> files available, accessible like so:
> /home/objectX/somePic.jpg
> /home/something/objectY/somePic.jpg
> ..
> In my case, the files I want to make available are Flash files, which
> load information about whatever object they are made available on.
> With Zope 2, acquisition made this a trivial task, and I figure there
> must be some easy way to do something similar, but I haven't found it
> yet.
> Any leads?

Well, one thing to do would be:


However, this would break the way Zope 3 does things. somePic.jpg is a 
resource, so you should register it as a resource and get the URL like this:


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