On Wednesday 31 August 2005 17:23, Pete Taylor wrote:
> CONFIDENTIAL NOTICE: This email including any attachments, contains
> confidential information belonging to the sender. It may also be
> privileged or otherwise protected by work product immunity or other
> legal rules. This information is intended only for the use of the
> individual or entity named above.  If you are not the intended
> recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying,
> distribution or the taking of any action in reliance on the contents
> of this emailed information is strictly prohibited.  If you have
> received this email in error, please immediately notify us by
> reply email of the error and then delete this email immediately.

Based on this confidential notice I cannot answer the question. If I would 
discover a bug, I could not discuss it with anyone else. I am not giving you 
free (as in beer and speech) advice, but cannot share the info with other 

Please do not put those notes at the end of public E-mails! I don't care 
whether they would hold up in court or not, it is just ridiculous.

Stephan Richter
CBU Physics & Chemistry (B.S.) / Tufts Physics (Ph.D. student)
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