I have a interface:

class IContentItem(Interface):
    """The ContentItem object works as a base class for all other content 

    def __setitem__(name, object):
        """Add a IContentItem object."""
        title = TextLine(
                     title = u"Name",
                     description = u"Name that will be part of the URL",
                     required = True)                  
        description = TextLine (
                      title = u"Description",
                      description = u"Description of the object.",
                      required = False)

This interface should not represent a content item, it should just work as a 
common base for all other content objects.
It does not have a class which implements it.

I've registered it with:

    <interface interface=".interfaces.IContentItem" />

I've also tried adding type="zope.app.content.interfaces.IContentType".

When I look at the apidoc of this Interface no attributes/fields are shown.

Another interface is derived from that one:

class ILink(IContentItem):
    """This interface stores information about a URL."""

    def __setitem__(name, object):
        """Adds a ILink object."""

    URL = URI (
        title = u"URL",
        description = u"The URL.",
        required = True)

In the apidoc of this interface only the URL field is shown. None of the 
inherited fields.
This content object is registered as usual:

<configure xmlns="http://namespaces.zope.org/zope";>
    <interface interface=".interfaces.ILink" 
type="zope.app.content.interfaces.IContentType" />
    <content class=".link.Link">
interface="zope.app.annotation.interfaces.IAttributeAnnotatable" />
        <factory />
        <require permission="zope.Public" interface=".interfaces.ILink" />
        <require permission="zope.Public" set_schema=".interfaces.ILink" />


Why are the fields of ContentItem not inherited?


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