Tom Dossis wrote:

I have a content component that has a property that is a dictionary,
the keys of which are objects (content components themselves). The
values are lists of strings. I've tried implementing this a couple
different ways, but each time I restart, the dictionary comes up

Hi Alan,

Worked for me in a quick interactive test..
from persistent import Persistent

class Demo(Persistent):
    def __init__(self):
        self.d = {}

>>> import transaction
>>> from demo import Demo
>>> from import Folder
>>> # get the root object using debugger
>>> root[u'test_folder'] = f = Folder()
>>> f[u'test_object'] = ob = Demo()
>>> ob.d
>>> ob.d[Demo()] = ['1','2']
>>> ob.d[Demo()] = ['a','b']
>>> from pprint import pprint
>>> pprint(ob.d
{demo.Demo object at 0x415796ec>: ['a', 'b'],
 demo.Demo object at 0x41579f2c>: ['1', '2']}
>>> ob._p_changed = True
>>> transaction.commit()
>>> Ctrl-D

Connect to zope again...

>>> # get the root object using debugger
>>> ob = root[u'test_folder'][u'test_object']
>>> from pprint import pprint
>>> pprint(ob.d)
{<well3.demo.Demo object at 0x4155466c>: ['a', 'b'],
 <well3.demo.Demo object at 0x415796ec>: ['1', '2']}

This will only work with immutable objects such as string. Otherwise, you will need a persistent dict or a OOBTree or you have to set self._p_changed manually.

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